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Choose the Theme for Your Personal Performing Artist Website

Browse through our constantly growing library of pre-made website themes guaranteed to impress and draw your site visitors in

Choose a theme that excites you and you feel will represent you, your personality, and your talents once our designers replace the placeholder images and text with your headshots, performance photos, bio, and more.

FAQ: Can you customize the look and feel of a PerformerPro theme so that it represents me, my unique talents, and the industry I'm in?

Absolutely. While replacing sample website theme images, text, and media with your own is included in your low monthly price, some customers need additional modifications to the layout. In these cases, customers are usually looking for just a few customizations to an existing theme and don't need a completely custom site. In these cases, our design team is happy to modify one of our themes to your specifications. For customizations that go over-and-above the changing out of pictures, text, and media, our team simply charges $30/hour in 15-minute increments.

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