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Answers to questions frequently asked by our customers
1Do I actually NEED a website or is it just cool to have one?

Like any other business or service, you as a professional (or aspiring professional), need a website. It's simply a fact. You are not just a performer, musician, band, or show who needs to appear a bit more legit. You are building YOUR PROFESSIONAL BRAND. Your talents, your looks, your personality, and the viewer/listener experience your provide is your brand and must be promoted.

Building your professional brand doesn't end with having an attention-commanding website that delivers an excellent user experience - but it definitely starts there.

Additionally, several of us on the PerformerPro staff (and countless colleagues of ours) are active, professional directors, producers, casting agents, and performance/entertainment bookers of all kinds. On a regular basis, we see lots of memorable, talented faces at auditions. And while all that talent is certainly refreshing, casting directors are only human and can remember only so much from a monologue, 16-32 bar song, dance combo, etc. You may get a callback and your headshot/resume may get starred. When you make it past the initial round, do you have what casting folks are really looking for to help aid in their decision on your resume? Remind us who you are. What you sound like. What you look like. We want to see pictures and your audio/video clips to remind us why we liked what you brought to the table in the first place. And when it comes to making that final decision between you and one or two others - we WILL come back and review your materials again.

To give yourself the best chance to succeed, you must have a website. And you must have a website that not only gives casting folks materials they're looking for - but just as important - delivers that material in a website that creates a positive, memorable experience.

If you don't, you can bet your competition will.

2Websites are expensive. Can I afford you?

Let's turn the tables on you: Are you willing to invest less money into your professional online presence per month than the average American spends at Starbucks per week?

Remember, we're professional actors, singers, and performers, too, so we COMPLETELY get the money thing - or lack of it. According to virtually every credible news source out there, (personally, we like the graphic at:, the average American spends $20 per week on coffee. COFFEE! It blows our mind to even think that professional-caliber performers who are committed to doing everything possible make a living wage doing what they love would consciously be willing to 4-times the amount of money on coffee per month than they would on the single most important online self-marketing resource available to them.

That's why we make choosing PerformerPro one of the easiest decisions you'll ever make! With tiered website and self-marketing product options affordable for any budget, our standard website packages start at $19.95 per month!

Our standard sites are beautiful, come quipped with a set of standard functionalities, and truly the finest and most affordable websites available on the market today!

3How do I get a domain name?
Registering your unique domain name is affordable and easy. PerformerPro can point you in the right direction or for $15.00 per year, we can take care of it for you.
4Okay… I’ll bite. How are you able to charge such low fees for your websites and still stay in business?

We are passionate about doing everything in our power to help performing artists succeed and master the art of self-marketing.

Look, the reality is that less than 3% of performing artists world-wide (theatre, film, television, comedians, bands, etc.) make minimum wage with their talents. LESS THAN 2% MAKE A LIVING WAGE! Besides the fact that really drives us crazy and we are hell-bent on changing things, that is a flawed business model!

Because we are made up of a team of professional performers as well as artistic career marketers, we understand that helping the performing arts community promote themselves effectively and affordably can help talented and worthy artists book much more quality paying work.

Long story short (we know... too late), we've developed the PerformerPro Sites business model and the technology behind it in such a way that allows us to deliver very high-end sites quickly and therefore affordably for you!

5My friend has a website that she paid to have created, but it costs her a good chunk of money every time she needs to update it. Does PerformerPro HAVE to update my site?

The simple answer is no, depending on which website package you have chosen, PerformerPro does not have to update your site for you. That said, we have free updates built into the your low monthly package cost for all of our template-based sites.

When you select any of our website templates from PerformerPro, you automatically have 20-minutes of free updates every month built into your plan at no extra charge to be used however you want: resume updates, textural changes, new photo additions, embedding video clips, etc. Additionally, you can bank up to 3 months of update time to rollover into a free hour's worth of site work.

If you have selected a Maestro-level template, your site includes a Content Management System (CMS) at no extra charge. You will receive a unique back-end administrative login from us and, without any coding or programming knowledge, be able to easily make text, photo, video, and other updates yourself.

If you have had us build an affordable custom-site for you, depending on your requirements, you may or may not have had your site built on a CMS platform. Regardless, every site hosted by and on a month-to-month plan with PerformerPro includes 20-minutes of free updates per month and up to 3 months may be banked.

Should you need PerformerPro to do any additional update work beyond the complimentary 20-minutes of updates per month, our time is billable at $75/hour in fifteen minute increments.

If you have purchased any template or custom site from us outright (not on a month-to-month plan and with or without a CMS) and are hosting it either with PerformerPro or elsewhere, we do not require you to have us do the updates for you.