Meet Our Founder


For almost two decades, Michael Mathews has been a constantly working performer who has created a unique and out-of-the-box system for marketing himself in ways that most actors, singers, musicians, models, and the like haven’t even thought of – let alone combined them into a methodology for performance career success.

“It ALL starts with a visually-captivating website! It’s an absolute must if you want to be relevant,” says Mathews. “But a kick-ass site is only the beginning. Once you have it, you’ve got to know how to work it and – most importantly – have it work for you.”

Michael Mathews is NOT your typical performing artist. And he is certainly not a STEREOTYPICAL one.

He started his first business at 17 and was a collegiate athlete regularly scouted by MLB Teams.

Mike didn’t step foot on stage until his senior year in college at The University of Tampa (often refered to as ‘The Harvard of the South’)... and even then it was by accident.

He was told he would never work professionally in theatre by his professors. The same professors later worked FOR HIM and his professional touring theatre company.

Mike became the sole student and protégé of Broadway legend (and Hollywood’s original) LI’L ABNER, Peter Palmer - and his wife, the incomparable former Miss Canada and Broadway and Tour star, Aniko Farrell.

Since 2001, he has thousands of professional performances under his belt in Broadway musical tours, Las Vegas-style theatrical concerts, and cabarets in major regional performing arts centers and theatres.

He was invited to be a resident guest director of the prestigious Long Lake Camp for the Performing Arts from 2012-14 where he had the opportunity to help mold the artistic talent of numerous exceptionally talented teenagers - many of whom who had already worked professionally and who’s influential parents included some of Broadway and West End’s most recognized composers, Hollywood directors and screenwriters, and many heads of State and industry.

Both Mike and his original touring productions have been endorsed by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Steven Schwartz, The Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization,, Stage Directions Magazine and more, have played major regional performing arts centers, and have been engaged by Fortune 500 Companies.

He has been endorsed by the Official Bobby Darin Fan Club and recognized by the Bobby Darin Estate.

He is an active and devoted life-long self-marketing and achievement student of Tony Robbins, Brendan Burchard, Todd Herman and Amy Porterfield, as well as being a member of Joe Polish’s GENIUS NETWORK.

He is the original founder and creative director of the world-renown and multi-million dollar TheatreWorld Backdrops prior to selling his interests in the company in 2015.

His life’s mission is to TRULY touch the lives of others and help them reach extraordinary levels of success in an industry full of negativity and failure.

His passion is helping professional performing artists reach success on their own terms and DESTROYING THE BELIEF that the only path to artistic and profitable success is cattle call auditions and paying through the nose for “Master Classes” meanwhile waiting tables or working odd jobs just to barely survive.

Mike’s greatest success is being a loving husband to Jessica and father to Bryony... the heart and soul of everything he does.