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Our Story

Professionals who not only intimately understand your personal marketing challenges as performer, but have also mastered the art of career marketing

PerformerPro Sites was created by theatrical, entertainment, musician, and marketing professionals who not only intimately understand your personal marketing challenges as a performer - but have also mastered the art of career marketing.


Our team has been on both sides of the casting table: as performers auditioning; and as casting directors in charge of getting the best talent available for major projects.

Make no mistake about it: Self-marketing for actors, singers, musicians, and performers is an art in-and-of itself. It's not only important to know what to do to promote yourself and showcase your talents; but it's just as important to know in what sequence to do those things to create the most impact and market yourself to success - both artistically and financially. After all, no one is going to work harder to promote you than you. You owe it to yourself to do the right things in the correct sequence and put yourself in the best position to achieve the levels of success that you want.

For years, we've been coaching our colleagues and customers how to market themselves and their talents in highly effective ways - proven methods for to land more gigs (and more financially rewarding ones, too) in which most artists either haven't thought of or haven't attempted. Regardless of your industry, you MUST do one thing first: have an engaging, attention-commanding website that showcases you at your very best and delivers you and your content wrapped in a high-end user experience.


Why Choose PerformerPro?

You have 2 options when it comes to being successful as a professional actor, singer, musician or virtually any brand of performer: Master the Art of Self-Marketing or leave your success to complete chance by leaving your goals in the hands of casting directors or entertainment decision makers.

Marketing yourself starts with a visually-captivating website.
PerformerPro makes it affordable, beautiful, and we do all the work for you.